Climate Action

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Climate Action

Metropolitan isn’t just adapting to climate change 随着它的到来,我们正在采取重要措施防止它恶化. We’ve joined state and local leaders to help minimize the effects of climate change by committing to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

Metropolitan adopted a Climate Action Plan in May 2022 to set a path to achieve the state's target goal of reducing GHG emissions by 40 percent below 1990 levels and reach carbon neutrality by 2045.

The Climate Action Plan identifies actions to reduce Metropolitan’s carbon footprint in the face of climate change, increasing the district’s climate resiliency and energy independence while supporting California’s GHG reduction goals.

大都会致力于就其气候行动倡议提供年度进展报告. 大都会的首份2022年CAP进展报告突出了大都会的成就, and also features the 2021 GHG inventory.


What is the Climate Action Plan?

The Climate Action Plan 包括大都会历史和当前温室气体排放的清单, 以及对未来预计排放量的全面预测. The data is used to identify feasible GHG reduction targets and measures to help Metropolitan achieve its goal. 这份长期规划文件指导大都会的政策和运营规划决策, water resources, capital investments, and conservation and resource programs.  The plan also allows Metropolitan to streamline the environmental review process and mitigate GHG impacts for future capital projects under the California Environmental Quality Act.

Other key benefits:  

  • 整合立法和指导,从州,联邦和国际来源
  • 通过提高能源效率为大都会省了钱
  • 提供提高操作弹性和改善空气质量的双重好处


Adel Hagekhalil,大都会总经理 

Metropolitan’s Carbon Budget

It takes a lot of energy to move water. That energy is used to transport water from our imported water sources located hundreds of miles away and to treat and distribute water throughout our service area.  Metropolitan’s GHG emissions fluctuate from year to year depending on the amount of water pumped from the Colorado River. 因为每年的泵送作业都因需求和可用性而异, emissions in one year may not be representative of Metropolitan’s overall progress toward meeting its GHG emissions reduction targets. 为了解释这一点,大都会利用碳预算跟踪其排放量.

How a CarbonBudget Works

以达到大都会的碳中和目标, we set a GHG emissions budget, 以公吨二氧化碳当量(MT CO2e)为单位. This metric measures the amount of carbon dioxide and other gases that are being released into the atmosphere and contribute to climate change.  因为大都会在运营过程中会排放温室气体, 这些排放耗尽了碳预算. 2021年,我们的碳预算是900万吨二氧化碳当量,但我们排放了大约500万吨.300万吨二氧化碳当量,表明我们遏制排放的努力正在取得成效.

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Anticipating GHG Emissions Over Time

最近几年的干旱严重影响了从州水利工程向大都会供水, 将水从北加州输送给全州的承包商, including Metropolitan. To offset the loss of SWP supplies, 大都会从其储存的储备中撤出,并增加了从科罗拉多河系统的输送.

通过实施《188bet棋牌平台》中确定的一些温室气体减排措施, Metropolitan significantly lowered emissions in comparison to previous years with similar pumping conditions and stayed well below its carbon budget overall. Some of the ways Metropolitan was able to do this included purchasing lower-carbon and carbon-free electricity, when available; developing carbon-free energy generation; improving energy efficiency; continuing water conservation efforts; and developing local water supplies.

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Track Our Progress

Metropolitan has partnered with CAPDashTM, 是一个网上工具,让市民了解我们在减少温室气体排放目标方面的进展. 数据是根据大都会采用的各种策略分类的, 从运营燃料使用到员工通勤, 并在交互式图表和图形中可视化,以促进更大的透明度.

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On the Path to Sustainability

我们的气候行动计划帮助我们实现碳中和的目标, but we’ve been on the path for decades. 我们的环保意识始于1928年成立, when our planners and engineers designed the Colorado River Aqueduct to deliver water primarily by gravity across 242 miles of California desert to the state’s south coastal plain. 这些规划者认识到需要可靠的电力供应, 投资建设胡佛水坝和帕克水坝, 它们共同提供了今天所需的一半以上的能源,为CRA泵提供清洁能源, carbon-free energy.

That same forward-thinking ingenuity imbues Metropolitan’s continued investments in clean energy and energy-efficient design to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.


How To Get Involved

访问这个网站有机会加入对话. Metropolitan plans to connect with the community during the Climate Action Plan process to share information and insights with interested individuals and organizations.


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